How To Safe Boot Windows 7

Windows 7 Boot Screen

Booting Windows in safe mode can help us to know if any odd behavior of your windows system is due to software or hardware component.Recently, my Dell laptop couldn't connect to internet and it showed DNS Server not responding error.When I contacted Dell customer care and they suggested me to boot Windows in safe mode and see if the problem is solved.
So now the question is....


How To Safe Boot Windows 7

To safe boot Windows, you first need to access Advanced Booting Option.There are two ways to access Advanced Booting Option:
1.When system boots up
2.Through system configuration
1.When System Boots Up

This is the fastest way to get into advanced boot options in Windows.Keep tapping F8 button immediately after your system is ON.If you were fast enough and lucky you would see Adanced Boot Options instead of Windows boot screen.

If you're F8 key is not working, or if in rare case, if your system is like ssuuppeerr fast - this method won't work for you.

2.Through System Configuration

To access Boot options through system configuration, first open Run dialog box.

open msconfig Windows 7

Run dialog box in Windows 7

Type "msconfig" and click OK.

You will see System Configuration windows.Click Boot tab.

safe boot windows 7 dell

System Configuration Windows 7

From there you can select Safe boot. If you want safe boot with networking check the network button.

Now restart your system to boot Windows in safe mode.To restore normal booting, you should foolow the same procedure and uncheck the safe boot option.


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