Factors effecting slow computer startup – Tips And Tricks to fix windows problem

Several factors can be reason for slow startup. Suppose if your computer start up is very slow consuming lot of time duration, you can jump to follow remarkable Tech Tips And Tricks and make it start up faster.image

What is the solution for your computer starts up very slow? Definitely a professional PC tech tool will help you to perform with the help of the steps. Tech Tips And Tricks steps to follow:

1. System Configuration Utility should consist of necessary startup items.

Its straight forward disable the unnecessary startup items that lead to longer duration boot-up time for Windows. How to disable the start up items with windows?

a.) Click “Start” –> “Run”, to type “msconfig” then click “OK” to open System Configuration Utility.
These are steps to start “System Configuration Utility”.

b.) Click tab “Startup”. Disable the start-up items which are not required by appropriate selection. This determines the start up programming has been prevented the unnecessary programs for Windows System.

2. Modify Registry Keys and Values. Editing few registry values result in decrease of start-up time and shutdown. Steps to follow before that one must perform strictly when a slight change can result in very critical problems.

a.) Click “Start”–> “Run”, type “regedit” then click “OK” to open Registry Editor. Steps to “Start Registry Editor”.

b.) step-by-step opening submenus: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER]–>[Control Panel]–>[Desktop].

c.) Prefered values to set. You find [HungAppTimeout], and change the value data to 200. And change the value data of WaitToKillAppTimeout] to 1000.

Once completion of above steps, result in start-up of your computer much faster compared to previous performance. Thera are other Tech Tips And Tricks that help to optimize your computer performance. Infact it is too risky to take action, if you aren’t aware of the purpose of performing the steps of Tech Tips And Tricks.


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